Proof of Experience

One of our key features is Proof of Experience, which provides job seekers an unmatched avenue to showcase their qualifications to potential employers and clients.
Seekr utilizes soul-bound tokens (SBTs) to record and verify work history and reviews, creating immutable Proof-of-Experience that can be referenced by any blockchain explorer, such as OpenSea.

What are SBTs?

Unique Digital Identity: Each Soul-Bound Token (SBT) is a unique credential, built on blockchain technology.
Individual Specific: Each SBT is unique to an individual Seekr and cannot be transferred or used by anyone else, ensuring accuracy and preventing fraudulent use.
Versatile Use: In the context of Seekr, SBTs serve as a verifiable record of work history and post-engagement reviews, providing reliable Proof of Experience that can be referenced by any potential employer or client to verify an individual's qualifications and work experience.

How it Works

Credential Creation & Assignment: When a Seekr is successfully hired, a unique Proof of Experience credential is created and assigned. This credential securely records essential employment details such as job title, company, and employment status.
Immutable Proof: Credentials are stored on the blockchain and showcased on a Seekr's profile as "Verified Experience". They serve as an immutable Proof of Experience, authenticating the Seekr's qualifications and work history, thus eliminating the potential for fraud or misrepresentation.
User-Owned & Controlled: These credentials are fully owned and controlled by the Seekr. The decentralized architecture ensures secure ownership, independent of any platform or server.
Simplified Blockchain Experience: Whether you're an expert or new to blockchain, our system integrates the technology so seamlessly, all you need to do is click submit. Behind the scenes, Seekr takes care of the blockchain transactions, offering the power of blockchain without the complexity.
No personal information is recorded within the credentials.
Our Proof of Experience tech is proprietary, and we have a utility patent pending.